You want to make money "while you sleep"? Then leveraging email is the best way to make that happen.

Hey, Uncle Tim here. I'm here to save you from hours of horrific, mind-numbing, gut-wrenching 'work', sitting in front of your computer, figuring out what you want to say that will make your leads whip out their credit cards and BUY from you!


How To Convert Leads Into Cash Customers

Obviously this is the watered down, simplified version of the online selling process. In reality, there are a lot of moving parts that can "make or break" a sale. But one of the most important is your email sequences, follow ups, promos, etc.


So here's what I propose for you...

Let Us Write Your Promotional + Follow Up Emails for You, Every Month...

The advantages of letting us do this for you, are almost unlimited, but lets focus on the top 3:

Big Advantage #1: You don't have to write a single word.

Big Advantage #2:
You don't have to learn copywriting.

Big Advantage #3:
You'll save a ton of money!



Every week, you'll get access to hot-off-the-virtual-printing-press email copy that you can use as is, modify, edit, rip apart, use as a template to craft your own, basically do whatever you want with.

All you have to do, is log into your Simple 2 Up account, go to the Product Access page and voila, you'll have access to an abundance of email swipes, sequences, as well as, PDF mind maps you can use however you want.

If You Can Copy-n-Paste, Then You'll Be Just Fine...

We've made this as 'brain-dead' simple as we possibly could because we understand that this is where the money is made or lost, for most folks who are promoting a biz opp, be it MLM, direct sales, affiliate offers, travel, health and nutrition, legal services, etc.

It's no longer good enough to have a good product and a great offer. You need to be able to follow up, educate, motivate and inspire your prospects, so they elect to BUY from you v/s the guy next door. Email copy is quickly becoming the back-bone to most successful online marketing campaigns and if you don't have a game plan for your email copy, then you, my friend, are screwed.



I'm in the trenches myself, every day, building and marketing my programs and systems. I'm just like you. I face the same rejection, obstacles and hurdles as you do. I'm not anyone special. I have to build rapport and trust with my customers just like you do. And if I don't, guess what? They don't buy.

So I learned earlier on that marketing (specifically copywriting) was how the really BIG money was made. Those who were wordsmiths, who could use words to sell their products and services, were able to make money on demand.

I studied everyone.. Dan Kennedy... John Carlton... Ben Settle... Joe Schroeder... Scott Haines... all of the greats. And today, I can whip up a 10 minute email, hit send, and have that email bring me direct payments.

It's a SKILL that few possess.


No big deal. Most do not. But you'll want to start building one. And do it, like NOW.

I'll include some list building trainings too, so you can start collecting leads off sites like Twitter, Medium.com and the Warrior Forum.



You join Simple 2 Up, silly! The cost is extremely low
while the quality of the product is high!

I would LOVE to have an arsenal of high quality emails that I could snatch-n-grab to use for my own personal gain.

  • I understand that I can promote whatever I want, be it MLM, travel, direct sales, big ticket, affiliate offers, etc..
  • I understand that I can modify the emails in any way that best suits my offer and will produce the highest response.
  • I'm also getting some training on how to build a list from sites like Twitter, Medium and PPV networks.
  • I have my credit card in hand and I'm ready to get started. I understand that I will be paying $35.71/mo along with a one time license activation fee of $49.97 bringing my total to $85.68. I'll get instant access to Simple 2 Up, my products and the affiliate system will be activated as well.

Lazy Email Marketing Profits

$49.97 One Time License Fee
+ $35.71/mo


*100% Secure Payment. All orders are passed through a secure network. Your credit card information is safe.*


q Q1: Why the monthly fee? Most email programs are a one time price?

A1: The difference between us and the 'other guys' is that we have an incentive to provide the very best email content and copy on a on-going basis. That plus, our content is 100% fresh, non-recycled and is RELEVANT to the market-places demands and expectations.

q Q2: Is there an affiliate program for Simple 2 Up?

A2: Yes! We have a very lucrative affiliate plan in place for those who would love to start collecting instant commissions. CLICK HERE